Reconstructing the Movement

In consultation with the professor, complete a rhetorical analysis of the ways in which President Lyndon B. Johnson, civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., and President Barack Obama “use” or deploy history to further their unique political and social agendas in the three speeches below. How in particular do the three speakers deal with … Continue reading Reconstructing the Movement


Business Ethics Case Study

Review the “Introduction to Case Study Method” (Goodpaster section of textbook. PDF slides on D2L of the material). In Goodpaster et al, read the following cases: ? Reell Precision Manufacturing: A Matter of Direction ? Dayton Hudson Corporation: Conscience and Control A, B, C ? The Poletown Dilemma Written Assignment The goal is for you … Continue reading Business Ethics Case Study

Sustainable Design and Construction

The overall task is to develop two integrated energy conservation packages: one for retrofitting a single energy inefficient domestic dwelling, the other is to propose a design on the same building type using modern construction materials and technologies Got a similar assignment? Let a professional help out, check out