Sexual and Reproductive Health in Guatemala

This assignment is designed to provide an opportunity for students to explore resource allocation for a designated global health topic (disease, illness, or issue) for a selected country.

Each student must select a global health topic that is a problem in another part of the world. The topic may be a health problem in the United States as well, but the emphasis of your assignment should be on a global health topic, and how it is a problem in a specific part of the world – a country, excluding the United States (US).

Before selecting a topic and specific country for your paper, each student needs to review the resources posted in the unit lessons, unit keynote, and assigned readings. Selecting an appropriate topic is necessary to meet the rubric requirements.

Search the literature for global health issues and US global policy and initiatives that allocate human and financial resources to the particular health issue. In addition, check the websites for governmental, nongovernmental, private foundations, and business/corporate sector. Avoid the use of news media sources,

An important aspect to keep in mind is that the emphasis of the assignment should be on human and financial resource allocation for the global health topic for a selected country (not a continent).

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