Photography and Celebrity

Choose a case study that relates to the key issues discussed on the unit. Describe and provide a context for your example using the essential and recommended readings for the unit of study. Give a detailed analysis showing that you understand its historical context, its intended meaning and/or function, and the way in which it has been interpreted by critics. Develop your analysis by giving a personal response to your example that is supported by at least one of the key texts or the ideas of one of the key theorists discussed on the unit. Finally, summarise the main points made and include a bibliography that demonstrates your research for the essay.
Examples of a case study include a single image, a selection of images by a single artist, a monograph or an ad campaign. What makes a good case study is a focused choice of an image or set of images that relate clearly to the issues you want to discuss in relation to the course.
It might be helpful to refer to the unit outline and consider the context of the unit and/or the content of individual lectures when developing your essay.

*Must use back all the AG295 files for the essay and some Further Reading for references
*Please don’t use complex sentence and grammar to write this essay because i am a oversea student. I aim for 50-60% .I would like to include grammatical errors and easier vocabulary and sentence in the paper.

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