Countering the ISIS/ISIL Threat

Develop a thesis and outline, and an Annotated bibliography for at least five sources.his assignment must contain the following elements:
address the following:
1. Understanding the Threat. Summarize who ISIS/ISIL is and why ISIS/ISIL is a threat to America.
3. Develop a Request For Intelligence:
4.DHS Recommendations to Law Enforcement Agencies: Provide a minimum of two recommendations from DHS to law enforcement agencies to adjust operations to counter the ISIS/ISIL threat to America.
Intelligence Assets and Capability.
2.Based on the threat, select three intelligence agencies to generate actionable intelligence on ISIS/ISIL.
Thesis. Write a thesis statement for your Final Project. The thesis statement should synthesize the point or claim you intend to argue or prove in your paper. Outline. The outline must include all of the required components stated in the assignment instructions.
Annotated Bibliography of five academic references. The annotated bibliography must contain:
APA Citation.
A summary of the article to include, what the author tested, major conclusions and recommendations.
Summarize how each source will contribute to your Framework.
Review Al-Jazeera America. (n.d.). Iraq in turmoil
(Links to an external site.)
Links to an external site.
. Retrieved from:
and Blanchard, C., Humud C., Katzman K., & Weed, M. (2015, June 11). The Islamic State: Crisis and U.S. Policy.
(Links to an external site.)
Links to an external site.
Congressional Research Service, Washington D.C. Retrieved from:

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