My Personal Learning Style

There are two parts in completing the essay:

Part 1

Identify your learning style, by completing the VARK Questionnaire using this link provided, below. Make sure to discuss your results by incorporating them as examples or explanations throughout your response.

Part 2

Evaluate your learning experience in this course. Recall two examples, one effective and one ineffective, of an activity, assignment, discussion or class lecture to explain how each aligned, or did not align, with your personal learning style.  Explain how the examples enhanced or hindered your ability to understand the course content and material.

In regard to the American Federal Government online course, please note of the following message from the instructor when writing the essay:
This course is structured and organized the same as my face to face classes.  You will cover and complete the same materials, topics and assignments that you would, as if we were meeting face to face. The difference is that the instructional delivery of information will be online, via various online resources, videos, links to official government websites, and book chapters in person.

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