Final Project

Read the National Transportation Safety Board Investigation into the sinking of the SS El Faro and write a 7-8 (min-max) page research into the failures of El Faro with respect to maintenance. Paper will be formatted to a recognized standard such as MLA or APA. Paper should cite at least 3-5 sources to support the arguments. Other failures may be examined to assist in preparing the discussion.
The paper shall address the following areas;
1- What happened?
2- How did it happen? List all the factors.
3- What are the maintenance implications?
4- Describe the inspection systems; organizations, roles, oversight framework, legalities, certifications, frequency and challenges. Please cite rules, regulations and organizational structure. Use of visual aids or charts is permitted.
5- What role did maintenance Inspections play?
6- Discuss Organizational Culture and how it contributed.
7- Describe the decision making processes for maintenance, repair and operations.
8- Talk about how you would approach the problems faced differently.
9- Describe the impacts to the organizations involved.
10- Examine strategies to prevent this from happening again using the recommendations in the report as your guideline.

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