Erikson’s principles of theory

This order is for the group assignment. You are responsible for only my part. In this paper I want you to discuss how principles of theory were used in the developed education material. This group project is about teaching a 3 year old with newly diagnosed Wilm’s tumor 1.
In this teaching plan we picked Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development. Our patient is a three years old (preschool) so patient is in Initiative versus Guilt stage. In this stage, children are very active and enjoy doing activities with their peers. They start to become more independent from their parents in early childhood. They interact with the environment around them. By doing these tasks, the child feels accomplished and develops a sense of initiative. They feel secure in their skill of decision-making. But, if not given that opportunity, children will develop a sense of guilt. If the caregivers are too critical or controlling, that can interfere with the success of their child in this phase of their development. The patient in this scenario is a three-year-old newly diagnosed with a Wilm’s tumor. It is important, despite the fact that the child is sick, that success in this phase of psychosocial development is acquired. This child still needs to be active status/post nephrectomy for proper recovery. Safe activity is an important component, so avoiding contact sports is recommended. This child will still be able to interact with their friends and the environment. Careful monitoring by the parents and infection prevention is important during those times. They need to avoid sick children and practice a good hand washing technique. By simply implementing these changes into the child’s lifestyle, they can still find success in this stage and come out with a sense of initiative. To avoid them developing a sense of guilt, health care workers, as well as parents, should carefully balance their worry about the child’s condition with the need for them to have as normal of a life as possible for success in this phase. One of my group members wrote those. I want you to get an idea of what others wrote and the topic of our teaching plan. My part is to answer how principles of Erikson’s theory were used in the developed education material. If you want to know more about Erikson’s theory you can google online. The teaching topics are do not palpate, let me explain you why Wilm’s tumor (tumor on the kidney) usually happen around 3 years of age, anywhere between 3-8years, more common in boy, usually happen in left side, mom said I just been given my 3 years old bath and there is a big thing on his side and call the nurse and neighborhood. There is a non tender mass on the left side of the abdomen, those tumors are capsuled and every time you palpate it have risk of opening the capsule and can spread throughout the body very quickly. that’s why tell them don’t touch it, call the doctor and make appointment, you can save the child’s life. It can also spread to another kidney. Why have to take out the kidney. we have to take out the kidney because it is a tumor and it can spread easily to the other kidney or the rest of the body. if it’s spread patient can die. Patient might need chemo and radiation as well. we will be teaching to the parents to monitor BP, swimming is good even though patient have to be careful with contact sports. we will be teaching 3 years old patient to drink water and washing hands to prevent infections. Like earlier I said one of the groups members already wrote her part and you can read it. But do not copy words to words from what she said. I want you to see how other people in the group wrote their part. Also, discuss participation and responsibilities of each group member. For this I want you to write you meet up and decide what teaching we would do for this patient. we also decide what teaching technique we would use for the parent and for the 3 years patient. we all make decision what are we going to put in our teaching plan and the educational component such as pamphlet for the parents and pictures and games for the patient. we split each part to individual person and my part is to discuss how principles of theory were used in the developed education material.
I just explained you briefly about what we did and my responsibilities for this group project.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

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