Effectiveness of Music Therapy as a Pharmacological Adjunct

The purpose of this assignment is to discuss the implementation of evidence-based practice (EBP) in a clinical setting, including how practice is changed, the use of an EBP model, and the ethical implications. So you may be well prepared, review all the lectures associated with this course, read all the assigned chapters, and view the suggested websites. This assignment requires submission of a draft for formative feedback, after which you will submit your final paper with all suggested revisions. Below, you will find the required elements of this assignment. You may use the bolded words as headings. All submissions must be in APA format. Please note there is a minimum of 600 words, or 2 full pages for this assignment that must be submitted for formative feedback. Together, both papers meet the 1200 word minimum for this assignment. Points will be deducted for not adhering to the word count. 1. Introduction – identify the need for change in practice.a. Briefly introduce the clinical significance of the patient issue.?This can be lifted from your synthesis paper?This does not have to be lengthy, simply state what the clinical problem is, why it’s a problem/what the current practice is, and why it should be changed (hint: because the literature says so!)b. Identify the EBP question using the PICOT format.2. Summary of synthesized literature review of best evidence.a. Start with the parameters of your lit search process: the search engines used and key words.?Use the lit search section of your synthesis paper; three sentences describing which databases (PubMed/CINAHL) were used and the key search terms (spelled out [no abbreviations], so your reader can conduct an identical lit search).b. Two to three paragraphs of synthesis, citing all literature used. You may copy the synthesis section of the previous paper for this section, and edit to fit.?Begin this section by stating the relevant outcomes from each study and the recommendations of the clinical guideline (~4 sentences), then progress to the synthesis, i.e. noting commonalities and differences between the study OUTCOMES, and how they relate and/or impact the proposed EBP change.3. Proposed Practice Changea. Identify the proposed change in practice based on the evidence.?This section should be similar to the clinical recommendations section of your revised synthesis paper. What are you proposing/recommending? Be specific. This does not have to be very long or elaborate: As supported by the literature and clinical guidelines, the proposed practice change is to use music therapy for 30 minutes during chemotherapy (or whatever frequency your intervention will be) to decrease anxiety among breast cancer patients.

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