Briefing paper

I must choose one of the eleven member states of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP-11). So, I will take the role of a policy advisor to the Trade Minister of my chosen country.
The Minister of my chosen country has requested information and recommendations regarding my chosen country’s approach to trade, following the withdrawal of the USA from the TPP.
My recommendations must take account of my chosen country’s short term and long term relationships, opportunities and interests.
Title: This should be a one line identification of the issue and argument of the paper to Provide details of the persons receiving the brief.

From: Provide details of who you are.

Significance: A paragraph explaining why the TPP is significant for the global political economy and your country.

Analysis: This section will construct your own analysis of the most important issues relating to the TPP and a justification for advancing your particular set of political and economic priorities in managing relationships within, and beyond, the institution.

Recommendation: A short paragraph that explicitly states the recommendations and a summary of the justification.

Bibliography: Set out references in the appropriate manner.

Please note, this is a briefing paper, and it’s a 35% of all grade of the subject, could you please make it easy to follow and understand.
Kind regards.

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