Americans with Disabilities Act: Current Issues and Controversies.

Write a persuasive/analytical/insightful essay of at least six (6) full pages (double-spaced, one inch margins, 11 point type) on any relevant, current, or topical issue covered by or directly-related to the course objectives (i.e. HRM, Ethics, or Employment Law). Your think piece should have a distinct (personal) point of view and deal in a clear and intelligent way on a position which is controversial, topical, and/or subject to CURRENT debate.
YOU MUST BEGIN YOUR PAPER WITH A ONE PARAGRAPH SUMMATIVE “ABSTRACT” DEFINING YOUR POSITION/THESIS. You have great deal of latitude in how you execute the assignment, but your paper must be based upon your own basic research that marshals evidence in support of your stated position. It should not fail, however, to explain opposing viewpoints fairly and concisely. Your final conclusions should be intellectually sound, and academically appropriate.
Your paper should be balanced between (1) background, (2) general research, and (3) your PERSONAL insight and analysis. A paper may be well- researched and documented, but not reflect significant personal analysis (i.e. doesn’t reflect your thinking/thoughts/insights). There are many factors that go into a superior essay. I am primarily interested in the quality, depth, and complexity of your arguments; the use of evidence to support the thesis and the clarity of your prose. Spelling and grammar errors are unacceptable for MBA-level work
Students are expected to extend to this course, and others, the principles of writing that are taught in general English courses. Improvement in expressing yourself clearly in writing is essential for success in any field. Students are encouraged, but not required, to utilize the APA Citation Style (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association) for documentation of written work. Students may also use MLA, Chicago, APSA, or basic endnotes or footnotes. If you use text from any outside source (periodical, book, Internet, etc.), enclose that text with quotation marks and provide a proper bibliographical reference. If you do a “close paraphrase” (not a verbatim or word-for-word quote) of statements that are not your own, provide a proper reference (footnote
or endnote) also. Likewise, all ideas and concepts not of your own creation will require proper documentation. All work must be in compliance with the SU Honor Code.
I strongly recommend that ESL and/or other students with less academic writing experience work with the SU Writing Center before turning in papers. Please explain that you are in the MBA Program, that you are in “Mr. Winn’s MGMT-535 course,” and that you are seeking a NON-UNDERGRADUATE
STUDENT to help you. Phone: (540) 665-4845. (
Your written work will be evaluated on the basis of the writing quality expected of graduate-level students attending an AACSB Accredited Business Program. The following four (see below) criteria will apply.
1. Organization 2. Mechanics
III. Content 1. Documentation
A-/A+ Well-researched, well-written, and insightful. Demonstrates or draws connections between distinct concepts in pursuit of new knowledge. Formulates unique or novel solutions (i.e. ‘out-of-the-box’ critical thinking) to challenging problems. An “A” paper should have no more than one or two minor spelling or grammar errors. Page 4 of 17
MGT-535-MERGED-2018/SP-Human Res Mgmt/Empl Law/Ethics 1/12/18, 1:50 PM
B-/B+ Solid research and writing. Demonstrates the ability to understand and analyze subject matter. Draws appropriate conclusions and proposes viable solutions to challenging problems. May include a few (i.e. 3 to 5) minor spelling or grammar errors.
C-/C+ (or lower) Papers with minimal research, weak organization, and/or weak analysis. This INCLUDES ANY PAPER (however thoughtful or well- researched) with significant grammar and/or spelling errors. These include: Sentence Fragments; Misplaced/Dangling Modifiers; Faulty Parallelism; Pronoun/Case Errors; Omitted/Superfluous Commas; Comma Splices; Apostrophe Errors; Run-On Sentences; Poor Organization, Excessive Paragraph Length; Excessive Wordiness, Passive-Voice, and/or Significant Word Usage/Choice Problems. Use spell/grammar checks!!
SENTENCE/PARAGRAPH LENGTH: Please try and keep sentences concise and paragraphs SHORT. Consider the writing found in any important English language newspaper (i.e. Washington Post, New York Times, etc.) as a general guide. Paragraphs longer than five or six sentences will be subject to very close scrutiny.

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