‘Select an organization or innovation of your choice, and examine this in light of three frameworks, models, or concepts, drawn from the MN7319 module.
In your written assignment you should provide insight into the management and shaping of innovation derived from your application of your three selected frameworks, models, or concepts to your selected case. In doing so, you should draw upon appropriate case material (e.g. company websites and various online sources) and appropriate academic material.’

(a)In selecting your organisation or innovation, there is some advantage in selecting an organization or innovation that you have some familiarity and/or interest in. In determining your choice, undertake an online search for materials concerning possible organisations and/or innovations. There is plenty of information online concerning examples of innovative organisations and innovations, which you can draw upon in your analysis;

(b)Your selection does not have to concern a technological product innovation or be located within the private sector. You could focus on an innovative service or service provider, and it is perfectly fine to select your organisation or innovation from the public or ‘third’ sector, for example;

(c)Some frameworks / models / concepts are more appropriate for providing insight where the innovation is the focus, others where the organisation is the focus, so be sure to think through these carefully – I would strongly advise that you come to see me to talk through your choices. I will hold assignment surgeries towards the end of semester two (times to be confirmed nearer the time); and

(d)Be careful not to spend too much of your assignment simply describing either your selected organization or innovation, or your selected frameworks, models, or concept

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