food poisoning case study

you’re provided with 3 scenarios to investigate, you should write 917 words for each scenario, DO NOT write an introduction ONLY main body and a short conclusion. be concise and do not repeat yourself.
refer to the table in document ‘food poisoning revision table’ for the different type of bacteria.

You need to analyse this information and
Deduce the causative agent of the food poisoning
Determine the most likely food(s) responsible for the outbreak
What measures could be taken to minimise this type of outbreak happening again
You must give explanations on how you arrived at your conclusions
Was the outbreak a result of temperature abuse, poor hygiene or inadequate cooking of the food?
Other explanations?
If more than one organism could have caused the symptoms described, what tests would you perform to confirm the cause?

use peer-review articles and scientific articles only.

information to consider for each scenario
Time of onset
Perhaps the single most important piece of information as you will instantly be able to exclude a large number of possibilities
Where is the outbreak thought to have occurred?
Party / buffet? Restaurant? Institution eg school / hospital?
Diarrhoea? Vomiting? Pyrexia (fever)? Headaches? Presence of blood in the faeces?
Foods consumed
A lot of pathogens are associated with particular types of food

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