Donna Dubinsky and Apple Computer

Please read the attached articles (Donna Dubinsky…(A) and (B)) and write a case study base on that article.
Follow the outline as well as answer the discuss questions from the attached document.
Use the following outline:
A. Company Overview (Introduction) (Always start with what you know about the company. Example: organizational overview as if it relates to particular issues or relate to the case study. How big is the company in term of revenue, how many employees, who is their customer, layout, culture…exc )
B. Current situation analysis (What’s the current business environment? Business drivers. Example: What’s going on, economic climate, how vendors feeling, any competition? Business environment, strategies on to expand and growth
C. SWOT (Example: Result of internal and external analysis is SWOT (strength and weaknesses) Internal: what the company does well and not do well External: what company can access and not)
D. State the Business challenge (What’s the challenge? A short statement or summary)
E. What are the symptoms and root causes of the challenge?
F. What are your recommendations?
G. What did you learn from the case study? You should use resources other than the case study where appropriate

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