Arbitration tutorial

Address the problems in short answer and critical
and indicate which element you have found in the lecture notes

e.g: Institutional and Ad hoc arbitration

Answer: Institutional will follow/ adapted the Rules that under the institution.
Ad Hoc may take place in random places
(Lecture 1 Institutional arbitration VS
ad hoc arbitration)

1. Each student shall be prepared to address each and every problem.
Instructions to students
2. There will be an open-book assessment on the performance of each student. The assessment criteria cover 3 elements – knowledge, presentation and judgment.
3. Students are allowed to bring in textbooks, notebooks, notes etc into the tutorial room, and are allowed to refer to them whilst answering problems.
4. Students will be answering problems randomly chosen from these tutorial sheets.
5. Active participation in the tutorial class is encouraged as this is intended to be interactive.

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