Gun policy in the USA

Develop a position paper of 10 pages including a summary page, strict APA style and free of grammar errors. References page with no more than 5 years old literature, include nursing journals, at least 15 references.
Area of Specialty: Nursing
This is a Doctorate Degree paper , based on the grade and quality of this paper I will proceed to order many more , would be my preference to stay with the same writer if I am satisfied with their work .
Focus of and instructions of the paper: Your local, state, or federal legislator is aware that you are a DNP (Doctorate in Nursing Practice) recognized as a nurse leader, health care expert, and constituent in their local community. As a recognized subject matter expert, they ask you to assist them in evaluating pending health legislation by submitting a position paper on this health policy issue. You are to identify a current or emerging health care system and/or policy issue identified as critical to the future of health care in your community. This position paper should include a summary of evidence-based research and pertinent background information on the topic providing the legislator with a substantive yet concise briefing on all aspects of the health policy issue. Be sure to provide and cite substantial (pertinent) evidence from the literature that supports your discussion
I identified a policy issued as the Gun Policy after all the issues and event occurring now in the united states, please find what is the government doing in regards this, what are the new legislation in regards this issue, refer to third person throughout the paper at all times, don’t be repetitive, use proper citations thru out the paper. Elaborate a tittle for this paper Include all the objectives listed below . PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE A BETTER ONE, I AM OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS.

Tittle : Health Care Professional education
Objectives to include in the paper :
a) Identification of the issue
b) Position statements
c) Substantive background information
d) Supportive evidence for both sides
e) Potential solutions
f) Defense of position/ making the argument for the position
g) ONE PAGE Summary/ conclusion of argument with position statement
h) 10 , double spaced, APA style

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