Evaluation of Marketing Strategies Walt Disney Company

Weekly Marketing Analysis Paper: Evaluation of Marketing Strategies
Introduction and Alignment
This is the last of the Weekly Marketing Analysis Papers for this course. In this assignment you will examine the evaluation of market strategies. Evaluation and control suggest the following questions for an organization: Where are we now? What do we have to do differently? Although evaluation and control may seem like the end pieces of a long process, they are part of the ongoing marketing process that utilizes continuous feedback.
Upon completion of this assignment you should be able to:
• Evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing strategies and control loops.
• Textbook: A Framework for Marketing Management
Background Information
You have been researching and analyzing a company for five weeks. This week you will evaluate how the company is doing, the Where are we now? question, as well as make suggestions for corrective action, the What do we have to do differently? question.
1. Based on your assessment of the organization marketing strategies from your previous individual papers, evaluate how the organization is performing each element of its marketing mix:
a. Product strategies
b. Pricing strategies
c. Distribution strategies
d. Promotion strategies
2. For each marketing mix element above, evaluate each of the following four areas:
a. Is the organization on target to meet its sales goal?
b. What metrics could the organization use to measure performance?
c. What performance diagnostic tools could the organization use?
d. What corrective action do you suggest for the marketing mix element?
3. Based on your assessment of this organization, describe how it is equipped to meet the future challenges of marketing.

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