Curriculum and Methodology

Select a presentation tool that allows the use of both text and visuals to create a timeline. Choose one that you are most comfortable using.
(Keep in mind most of these require you to register with an email; however, you are only expected to use a free version. Most sites offer upgrades at a cost. You do not have to pay for access to create a good timeline.)

Here is a list of some possible tools, but you are not limited to these: (a little more complex but very engaging!)
If you find a different one, make sure you are able to meet all requirements and share the timeline for scoring purposes. Usually a link to the presentation can simply be submitted in Blackboard.
The tool must be interactive. In other words, the reader must be engaged in learning by interacting in some way (i.e. clicking to see entries expand). PowerPoint does not meet this requirement.

To prepare your timeline, please include the following elements for your ten entries:
Title/name, Date & Description: Give the title or name of event, reform, person, law, or publication along with a description. Identify the date of the event, reform, law, publication, life of the person.
Context: Describe the social, political, cultural, or educational context (Specifically, what was happening that precipitated this development?).
Goal/Aim/Purpose: Describe the goal/aim/purpose of the event, reform, law, or publication.
Significance: Provide enough description for readers who are unfamiliar with the topic to be able to recognize the significance to curriculum and/or methodology.
Picture or graphic: Include a picture or graphic representation of the event, reform, person, law, or publication (We strongly encourage you to include at least a few video clips in your presentation as this enhances interactivity with your viewer, supports your understanding of the topic, and your ability to create engaging presentations.)
APA Format: Provide the references for the sources of information (including pictures and videos) in APA format.
These timelines will be revisited at the end of the course. Laying a solid foundation on which to build an understanding of curriculum and methodology trends is critical. If the events chosen for this timeline all relate (generally) to one topic and could be connected to the trend that interests you (and that you are following in your journal), your assignment in Module 6 will be much easier!

This website has a list of helpful links, including timelines, that will guide you in your search for important events. Remember that you are searching for depth of knowledge not simply a date and a single event. Make sure that you give credit to your sources.

The video presents a historical perspective on curriculum and methodology.
Select five major events/reforms (social, political, cultural, or educational).
Select five people/laws/publication that have shaped curriculum and/or methodology throughout the first two hundred years of our nation.
These categories are guidelines to ensure that you have explored a variety of reforms in the history of education. The timeline will have a total of ten entries.
The resources needed for this timeline covers a lengthy time span. Each entry should demonstrate a depth of understanding of the events/reforms included in the timeline presentation. To focus the timeline, select topics that center around a specific theme or central idea. Select events/reforms that relate to the current trends that you are following in your journal to help make significant connections to current trends.
For example, if you are following a topic related to innovative trends in higher education, you may want to identify events, reforms, people, and/or laws that specifically impacted higher education. Try to keep the timeline topic broad enough to include a variety of curriculum/educational developments over an extended period of time.
Keep the following questions in mind when reviewing the resources:
What are the goals and purposes of curriculum and/or methodology reforms?
What are the consequences (short-term and long-term) of these events/reforms on curriculum and/or methodology?
What is the relationship between society and the curriculum and/or methodology?
While reading and researching the history of educational reforms, think about the changes that have occurred over time and the impact of these changes on curriculum, methodology, and professions in education. What connections can you make between historical reforms and today’s trends?

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