Market trends in Aviation

Write a concise 800-1000 word report on the following topic. This requires critical thinking, research, and analysis. Conjecture and unsupported opinion will result in poor marks. You are expected to to use APA/Harvard style referencing – e.g. (Douglas, 2016) – in your paper. You may choose to include tables or charts in your paper to clarify and present your analysis, but these should not replace good written argument.

The Australian Government publishes extensive aviation statistics. Access the BITRE database and download the necessary files from the Aviation section.

Analyse the schedule and capacity data for the market between AU (at a city pair level) and Indo for at least the past 5 years.

•What are the trends?
•Is there evidence of volatility in the market?
•What is likely to happen in this market in the coming 2 years?

There is a lot of opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information in this report with no backup information to support it. Please kindly fix that.

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