Biogeography- Endangered Species

Please choose a topic on a particular endangered organism from any part of the world.  Examples of a few introduced organisms are White Rhino (Ceratotherium simum), Tigers (Panthera tigris), Vaquita dolphin (Phocoena sinus), Dugong (Dugong dugon), Iberian Lynx (Lynx pardinus), Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum), Rafflesia Flower (Rafflesia arnoldi), and hundreds more.  There are many things you might consider in researching your chosen topic, but remember to take a biogeography approach and consider such things as historical distribution, current distribution, factors leading to current distributons, why does organism have current distribution, what the range of species might be in the future.


Some recommendations:


  • paper should be no more than 7 pages, including Literature Cited


  • format of paper: 12 point Times New Roman Font; lines double spaced; one-inch margins


  • format of citations, both inline and Literature Cited: you can follow any of the standard formats of biological journals.  An easy one to follow would be that of Herpetologica


  • Literature cited can include articles from journals, books, or book chapters (many of these are available online). DO NOT CITE INTERNET SOURCES.  The number of sources will vary according to topic, but I would think that a term paper with less than 10 different citations (sources) is not well researched.  On the other hand, do not feel that you have to cite every source you find—only those pertinent to your paper.


  • Major sections of your paper should follow standard scientific method and contain the following sections: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Methods (you can discuss sources etc here), Results (what you found and was reported in sources), and Discussion (what you have to say about the topic)


  • avoid quotations except in exceptional circumstances


  • italicize scientific names


  • avoid plagiarism (paraphrase and cite source of information correctly)


  • know what a topic sentence is and use this as first sentence in a paragraph

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