Photography and Cinema

While camera arts applies to still photography, and television as well, we will be concentrating on film for this assignment. Begin by viewing a current, critically lauded motion picture at the movie theater. Identify the genre, archetypal theme, any interesting filming or editing techniques used, and the function and effectiveness of the film music. Explain your participative experience of seeing this movie in the theater, and any audience response of note. Complete the essay by including your own personal response to the film, using terminology learned from the text.
(The Humanities Through the Ages by F. David Martin/ Lee A. Jacobus 9th Edition)

Please Note: Do not include more than a short paragraph of film synopsis. You are being graded on your ability to analyze the film using the lessons and terminology learned in the text, not on your ability to retell the plot. If you are not sure if the film you have chosen qualifies for this assignment, please contact me before submitting.

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