Isolation in Jane Eyre

Isolation in Jane Eyre. Throughout the novel, Charlotte Brontë explores the ways in which communities include or isolate individuals. Who is socially or physically isolated in the novel? What can scenes of isolation tell us about the novel as a whole?

Craft a specific, argumentative thesis. Your introduction should stay within the text(s) you’re discussing.Use the introduction as a way to direct your reader’s attention to the thesis. Orient the reader within the text: sketch which parts of the novel/play/story you’re going to focus on. Your body paragraphs (you should have several) should interpret specific parts of the text (quotes, primarily), and show how they support the essay’s argument.Use direct textual evidence (at least 1-2 quotations per body paragraph). Do not restate or summarize quotes. Begin your body paragraphs with topic sentences that relate your evidence to your thesis. Pay attention to organizational structure. Use solid transitions and move logically from point to point. Your essay should include a conclusion that discusses why the essay’s argument is useful, important, or necessary, without simply repeating the thesis and the supporting positions.

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