Qualitative Research Proposal Assignment

Prepare a research proposal that includes: Topic: Outsourcing Compliance and Governance of Ethics in Healthcare Organization

 General Topic Information: The purpose of the study is to explore the phenomenon of long term care (nursing home) outsourcing practice of compliance services and its influence on governance of ethics

  • Compare, contrast qualitative and quantitative research methods. Describe why qualitative method and grounded theory design is best for the research topic.
  • Examine, describe and employs at least two methods of data collection and analyzing qualitative data

3.0. Describe how to compile, summarize and analyze qualitative data, and describe the use of qualitative data analysis software.

Outsourcing Compliance and Governance of Ethics in Healthcare Organization

 Fraud prevention, ethics and corporate compliance had rapidly grown in the age of service and information. This is growth is a response to the high profile governance failures and reciprocal regulatory reforms. The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services mandates in Final Rule (2017) the designation of a compliance officer and other appropriate bodies (e.g., a corporate compliance committee) to be held responsible for developing, operating, and monitoring the compliance program, as well as for dictating who reports directly to a facility’s leadership (e.g., the owner, governing body, and/or CEO.
Proposal Headings (should include but not limited to information below)

  1. Introduction   1 or 2 paragraphs
  2. Statement of the Problem (Approximately 250 to 300 words) – 1) a brief discussion of a problem succinctly identifying and documenting the need for and importance of the study. 2) Identify gaps or holes in the research 3) Include 3 appropriate published or relevant primary sources to document the existence of a problem worthy of doctoral level
  3. Purpose of the Study
    1. The purpose of this [qualitative,] study is to… (describe the study goal that directly reflects and encompasses the research questions).” Follow with a brief, but clear overview of how, with what instruments/data, with whom and where (as applicable).]
  4. Research Questions
    1. Proposed research questions that are related to the phenomenon are stated. The proposed research questions must be aligned with purpose statement
  1. Research Method (Theoretical/Design Framework Overview, compare and contrast)
  2. Operational Definition of Variables
  3. Measurement
  4. Summary
  5. References

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