Management Assignment

Discussion Questions (3 pages for 3 questions below)

  1. Request for 3 page for 3 discussion questions
  2. Please make sure TWO additional reference ADDITIONAL Textbooks below.
  3. Please use APA format
  4. Please list answer each question and reference SEPARATELY
  5. Please use references listed below
  6. Please use attached files for references.



  1. In chapter 1, Barr & McClellan highlight several areas/items on a college campus that can strain an institutional budget. Which area/item do you think is causing the most financial stress and why? (1 page with textbook reference + two additional references)


  1. Alpha University is introduced to us in Chapter 1 along with a laundry list of budget requests for the upcoming year (p. 23-26). After reviewing the requests, please list below your TOP three requests that you believe should be funded and your BOTTOM three requests that you think could be denied at this time. Along with your rankings, provide your rationale behind each decision. Note: requests can be approved but at a lower amount than requested. (1 page with textbook reference + two additional references)
  2. The text refers to the appropriations allocated to public institutions by the state government to assist in covering the cost of attendance. Please find an academic article that discusses these appropriations and how they relate to higher education. (articles should be published within the past five years) Summarize your article in the discussion below and pose one question you have about the topic. (1 page with textbook reference + two additional references)



Barr, M. J. & McClellan, G. S. (2011). Budgets and Financial Management in Higher Education. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. (ISBN 978-0-470-61620-8)

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