Alcohol abuse among indigenous Australian Countries

1. Choose a public health issue within a chosen geographical location
2. Choose a vulnerable population that is at risk and or/affected by the public health issue in the
3. Write a social analysis of the health issue in the population group, in the location using academic/
peer reviewed literature
In writing your case study you need to address the following
? What is the health issue, locality and vulnerable population?
? How the health issue is socially distributed, produced and constructed in that locality and
population group
? What are the social, cultural and political impacts of the public health issue on the vulnerable
population in your country/location?
? What is the response of the chosen vulnerable group to the public health issue?
? Critically assess the country/ service provision response to this issue.
? What research/further information is needed to understand the issue?
? Propose a public health response to this issue (drawing on upstream, mid-stream and downstream
approaches to the social determinants of health) outlining a rationale for your proposed response.

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