Low self esteem in English Adult learners

Write a research paper on the following:

Title that anchors your study and gives readers a general picture of the key issues to be investigated in this study.

Abstract that provides a synopsis of your research study, building on the revised abstract you presented in the second assignment.

Keywords that capture the investigated constructs and foci of your proposed study.

Introduction that states the problem and purpose of this study (i.e., what motivates you to conduct this research) and general issues of the investigated area (i.e., what do we know about this research and what is still unknown to us), and indicates the significance (i.e., addressing the “so-what” question). This section is also crucial in a sense that it enables you to justify the research rationale and purpose (i.e., why this study is worth pursuing) and logically leads to your burning research question(s) and hypotheses.

Literature review that presents the theoretical framework (or your paradigm stance/worldview) that guides and informs your research. It should provide a comprehensive (not exhaustive) review of the previous studies in relation to your research topic, discuss the trends of this research area, identify the gaps to be bridged, and set the context for your study.

Methodology that is considered as the most pivotal part of this report. It specifies in full detail each component of your research methodology as follows:

Design: What is the rationale of using this particular research design (e.g., survey research, quasi-experimental research, ethnography)? How is this research design aligned with your paradigm stance or worldview (e.g., socio-constructivism, positivism)?

Setting and participants: Where will you recruit your participants? How is the sampling carried out? What is their demographic information (e.g., age, gender, native language, proficiency level, grade level, type of instruction setting, etc)?

Instruments: What types of instruments will be employed for data collection (e.g., survey, test, task)? How are they developed?

Data collection procedure: How will you implement the instrument(s) (e.g., audio-recording, class observation, pre- and post-test)? What is the time frame of gathering all the data?

Data analysis: How will you analyse the results so that your research question(s) can be answered (e.g., discourse analysis, correlational analysis using SPSS, grounded theory, conversation analysis, etc.)?

Research quality: Have you considered any of the quality criteria in your proposed study (i.e., validity and reliability in quantitative research or trustworthiness in qualitative research)? If so, what are the actions taken to ensure the research rigour (e.g., interrater reliability, member checking, triangulation, etc.)?

Ethical issues that indicate how participants’ privacy and confidentiality will be projected, benefits maximized, permissions granted and informed consent collected. Depending on your research design (e.g., qualitative research), you may as well address “the researcher’s role” that honestly reports on a researcher’s biases, values and assumptions that may impact the way the research is conducted and how those factors can be tackled.

References that compile all the reviewed literature and studies following the APA 6 referencing style.


50 marks will be awarded for:

Proposal clearly links research problem, research questions and objectives to your chosen methodology and consequently to research strategies.

Research background adequately introduces the context and situation of your proposed research.

Research paradigm within which your research will take place is explicitly discussed.

Methodology of choice is appropriately justified and demonstrated by providing a solid theoretical background evidenced by relevant references to scholarly works.

Research design and methodology for data collection and analysis is clearly laid out and explained.

Research quality standards are considered and discussed.

Ethical issues linked to the use of your specific research methodology are thoughtfully addressed.

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