Effects of sponsoring Brands on Sponsored Teams

  1. Introduction, including:
  2. specification of the marketing research problem, importance (i.e., practical and theoretical significance, relevance), gaps in our understanding of the specific research topic
  3. information needs and study objectives
  4. overview of the remainder of your proposal.


iii. Theoretical background and research hypotheses (this section should constitute approximately 40‐50% of the overall length of your paper)

  1. thorough integrative appraisal of the extant relevant literature
  2. Conceptualization and construct definitions
  3. articulation and presentation of testable (falsifiable) research hypotheses (this might also include a conceptual model)


  1. A detailed proposed methodology and intended analytical procedures, including:
  2. the development of the measuring instruments (including scaling, coding, etc.)
  3. proposed sample and sampling methodology
  4. data collection method(s), manipulations (if applicable)
  5. intended analytical procedures (including statistics, statistical assumptions, tools, etc.)


  1. Anticipated managerial and theoretical implications of the proposed research


  1. Study limitations (acknowledgement of the boundaries/shortcomings of the intended methodology and analytical approaches) and conclusions


Introduction, research question, objectives
Literature review, theory development and hypotheses
Intended methodology and analytical procedures
Anticipated managerial implications of the results
Limitations of your research design and conclusions

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