Development Assessment Report

You are required to produce a DA report, to be assessed by the appropriate authority, for the investigation site. The report is to draw upon your previous research and pre-lodgement meeting relating to the site and its environs. Your DA report will be accompanied by all the relevant DA forms, completed as necessary. Your DA Report will include a copy of your development concept plan for the site and environs.

  • Your report must include a development proposal concept plan.
  • You must include a cover letter.
  • Read the Studio Project Outline.


  1. project outline/background: define and briefly describe the project you have been commissioned to undertake and the stages you have gone through to date.

HINT: Refer at your Studio Project Outline and include discussions/outcomes of your pre-lodgement presentations.

  1.  Describe (addressing the points below) your development proposal for the site and include a well conceived and presented concept plan illustrating your proposal

HINT: your written description MUST align with and be related to/referenced against your concept plan; the two MUST reinforce and support each other.

  1. Identify all building types, floor areas, uses and car parking provided.
  2. Provided a summary of total floor area, site coverage, building heights and car parking.
  3. Clearly articulate the building design/ architectural intent of your proposal. Give reasons for your decisions.
  4. Clearly explain your provision of open space: How it will be landscaped? Who will use it? Who will maintain it? What is its purpose? HINT: included a landscape plan indicating species and characteristics.
  5. Discuss the design and provision of access and circulation onto and within the site.
  6. Identify how storm water and waste management will be accounted for.
  7. Clearly define and explain the different land uses you are proposing. Give reasons for your decisions.
  8. 3.  Outline (following the points below) thecharacteristics of the site and the surrounding area

HINT: Include location and site maps and photographs of the site.

  1. Identify SWOT of the siteand the environs.
  2. Describe the existing land uses and built form (if appropriate) of thesite and the environs.
  3. Describe and name the existing vegetation on the site.
  4. Discuss the existing access and circulation characteristics that impact the site.
  5. Discuss the topography, flooding and drainage of the site and environs.


  1. Identify and address All assessment requirements
  2. SEQ Regional Plan as relevant.
  3. Gold Coast/Brisbane City Plan /PDA as relevant.
  4. Other
  5. Provide a succinct summary of how your proposal meets, addresses and challenges the planning frameworks and or instruments and how your proposal contributes to the city.

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