Capstone Milestone Assignment

1. Respond to the following ideas regarding leadership skills and structure:
a. Discuss building key positions within your organization.
i. Define the basic organizational hierarchy.
ii. Discuss the qualities needed in leaders/managers that will work for the company.
1. Begin with a review of your skills/characteristics as the CEO (Make sure to review this from the third person, not first person. The paper should be written from the perspective of the company – not from your perspective. Avoid first and second person pronouns throughout the paper.)
a. How will other leaders/managers need to fit with the CEO’s skills/characteristics?
b. What skills/characteristics are needed to complement the CEO’s?
c. Examine those skills/characteristics that are missing from the CEO’s profile. Should the company attempt to find them in other leaders/managers for the organization? Why/why not?
b. Evaluate the organization’s position regarding Christian integrity.
i. Create an ethical code of conduct for the company (If you use the SHRM template for this part of the paper make sure to modify it to fit your business and include a correct citation for both paraphrased and quoted parts.)
1. Take into consideration a diverse national workforce and the plans to globalize the business.
2. Prepare a paper that reflects all the items in the outline above for your milestone score.

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