A Critical Analyses of a Published Research Paper Assignment.

You will select a peer reviewed research paper in an area of interest that employs a quantitative research approach and complete a critical analysis of the paper utilising the guidelines discussed in the content of the unit.
Length: 2500 words
Weight: 50%


You need to draw upon scholarly evidence to support your critique.

Introduce the article that you are going to critique giving full bibliographic details. Here you might like to say something about where the paper is published, the quality of the journal. As in any introduction you will outline what will follow in the body of your essay. The easiest way to structure your essay is to follow the criteria as set out in the criteria sheet.

1st paragraph

Critical reading of conceptualisation – things that you should discuss – remember DESCRIBE and EVALUATE (1st criterion)

  • Is there a clear rationale or problem statement?
  • Has the researcher indicted a sound grasp of the literature in the field of study?
  • Has the researcher shown how the research questions have come from gaps in the literature?
  • How clear/ unambiguous are the research questions?
  • Was the importance/significance of the research established? Who will benefit?

2nd paragraph

Critical reading of the appropriateness of design – things you should discuss – remember IDENTIFY (DESCRIBE) and EVALUATE (2nd criterion)

  • What design or approach was used to answer the research questions?
  • How adequate was the sampling/technique/ participation?
  • Were the choices of data collection procedures appropriate to the research aims?
  • Were the data collection procedures clearly described?
  • Are ethical procedures referred to?

3rd paragraph

Critical reading of the quality of analysis – things to discuss – remember DESCRIBE and EVALUATE (3rd criterion)

  • What methods of data analysis were used?
  • Were the analytic procedures clearly described?
  • Were the issues of reliability and validity, or trustworthiness adequately addressed?
  • Are you convinced by these claims?

4th paragraph

Critical reading of the findings – things to discuss – remember DESCRIBE and EVALUATE (4th criterion)

  • Are the findings clear?
  • Do they answer the research question/problem that was set up at the beginning of the paper?

The last criterion – written expression should be threaded throughout the whole paper. This criterion refers to how well the article is written that you are critiquing but also how well you have written your assignment piece.


Sum up the points from your essay


Essay structure


Conceptualisation of Research Study

Research Design and Methodology

Reliability and Validity

Ethical considerations

Data Analysis Procedures

Summary of the Findings



Very helpful books use it as references and in your drawing in literature evidence

  • Interpreting qualitative data: methods for analysing talk, text and interaction

David Silverman


  • Creswell, J. W. (2012). Educational research: Planning, conducting, and evaluating quantitative and qualitative research.(4 ed) Upper Saddle River, New.Jersey: Merrill


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