Research Report – Applied Market Research

The research paper would consist of 2 assignments in which include a research proposal and a research report.

1. The Research Plan:
The research plan is a formative exercise. The client will evaluate it and provide feedback to shape your subsequent study.

2. The Research Report: The research report comprehensively reports the findings from your consumer survey and discusses in length the implications for the client (setting strategic and tactical marketing directions).

In this case, I have done and submit the first task (research proposal) although it was not finished. It has been graded and have given a feedback. So for now, I am doing the assignment number 2. It would further continue the assignment number 1. Details of this would include in the attachments.

Attachments would include:

– Assignment briefing for assignment 1 & 2
– Marking rubric for assignment 1 & 2
– My draft of assignment 1 (research proposal)
– Assignment 1 graded and given feedback

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