Beyond Midlife Interview Assignment.

For this assignment, you will interview an older woman, at least over 60 and preferably older. The woman could be a person you know, such as a relative, family friend, neighbor, or a person you do not know (e.g., you could visit a nursing home). You should ask the woman the following questions, but again, you can ask additional ones if you wish:
• What were your goals as a young woman? Have those goals changed?
• How do you think things are different for women growing up today compared with when you grew up?
• How did you experience dating, friendships, menstruation, leisure time?
• Are things better for women today or worse?
• Today, what do you find most and least pleasurable about being a woman?
• How do you view women and men, sex, gender, and feminism?
These are just a few sample questions and you should add other questions as appropriate. Be honest and analyze your beliefs about women and age with this woman’s experiences. When you analyze this woman’s experiences, take into account any assumptions you had about women from this particular age group that were confirmed or refuted due to the interview.

1. Student includes a thorough and insightful reflection (greater than one paragraph) of how the interview experience impacts their own view of their gender autobiography.
2.Student integrates 2 or more outside references in a way that adds meaningful, relevant information to their analysis of the interview and/or reflection.
just use your imagination to make an interview, please be more realistic, this women better be a Asian.

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