Psychology case Study

You must conduct a research about this topic as a research paper. You must provide thesis, explanations and findings, limitations of study, implications and suggestions, evaluations, strengths and weaknesses, DATA is mandatory, AND YOU MUST INCLUDE RESEARCH and CASE STUDIES. Write with evaluate commentary.

1. Be able to work within the conventions of a specific subject.

1.1. Define a subject specific topic of investigation.
1.2. Define the aims & limits of this investigation within the conventions of the chosen subject area.
1.3. Process subject specific sources according to the conventions of the chosen discipline.

2. Be able to demonstrate extensive subject specific knowledge.

2.1. Explain the details, and analyse the nature of, the subject specific material under consideration.
2.2. Evaluate the relevance of the subject specific material to the topic

3. Be able to construct a sustained argument in an extended piece of work.

3.1. Sustain a logical argument in an extended piece of work in form/s and using terminology consistent with subject-specific conventions.

4. Be able to present work in form/s consistent with the conventions of the specific subject, including an appropriate form of academic citation.

4.1. Present the finished project in a form/s consistent with subject-specific conventions.
4.2. Use academic citation / referencing appropriate to the form of the extended project & to the specific academic discipline.

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