Integrative professional portfolio including critical reflection

• Apply synthesized knowledge and skills to a professionally relevant topic in their capstone
• Critically reflect on their development of graduate capabilities gained through their studies.
• Demonstrate higher-level communication skills
• Generate an integrative professional portfolio
This assessment requires you to develop and present a professionally relevant integrative portfolio that showcases critical reflection and synthesis of the knowledge and skills gained through your Masters level postgraduate studies. The make-up of the final portfolio will vary, depending on individual capstone experiences. However, there is an expectation that the portfolio will include:
• An introduction that includes the aims of the capstone experience
• A self-assessment statement in relation to individual learning outcomes developed at the
beginning of the unit
• A critical reflection and analysis of the capstone experience
• An integrated professional portfolio that supports capstone experience outcomes
There will be opportunity for you to discuss the development of the portfolio with the unit coordinator throughout the year.

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