Business Intelligence Assignment

Introduction and Background: Describe the business context, the problem and the main aims of the report.

Literature review: relevant literature review to the topic, systems and/or the BI applications proposed in this report.

Evaluation. Explain the model approach used and the development process. Reflect on the usefulness and limitations of the BI as well as any management issues identified.

Discussion and analysis: using relevant ways and approaches to explain the main issues supported by relevant citations. Charts, diagrams and tables should be also used to help explain your argument
Main BI issues in the study should be covered, explaining the impacts of BI on organizational aspects such as performance, quality of products and services, and customer satisfaction
Demonstrates creative and original thinking
Comprehensiveness of report
Write clearly and present report professionally.
Use correct spelling and grammar

Conclusions and recommendations
Clearly state the main conclusions of the report and case study with some practical suggestions or solutions for your organization.

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