Plato’s Republic Assignment

In describing the lifestyle of the Guardian class, Plato has his main character, Socrates, indicate a warning about the leading cause of the ruin of a city. Of course, since the account of the city is offered as an analogy to the individual person, this warning should have an analog for the ruin of the soul. In an essay, you are to identify, describe and evaluate this warning and evaluate Plato’s view of education as one kind of remedy for the condition corresponding to the warning as it applies to the individual. You should formulate and express a CLEAR thesis in response to this main question in bold above, to the effect that (T1) you find Plato’s warning worth paying attention to or not worth paying attention to AND to the effect that (T2) you find Plato’s view of education appropriate or inappropriate. What I mean here by this last choice, you need to express whether you should think education ought to be or ought not to be thought of primarily as a way of avoiding what Plato is warning against. In your essay, which should give an intelligent reader good reasons to endorse your evaluative thesis, you should be sure to cover the following questions/issues. (1) After an appropriate introduction that conveys your two part thesis, begin the body of your essay with a passage from the Republic that expresses the warning. (2) Explain briefly the parts of the city and the definitions of political justice and political injustice. (3) Explain in detail the analogy between the city and the soul. (4) Explain the particular pleasures associated with each part of the soul. (5) Explain what the warning you started with means for the individual person. (6) Explain what Plato thinks education is and what it is not, and explain how education is related to the warning. (7) Finally, provide reasons for your evaluative judgment of Plato’s warning and his account of education as a solution for or remedy for the condition warned about. In other words, defend your thesis.

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