Linguistics portfolio

Task Description:
The Portfolio presents selected work completed in the courses undertaken during the course. It includes a major assignment from each subject taken, as well as reflections on selected assignments.
Section A3: Bibliography (500 words)
The Portfolio will include a bibliography of 20 to 30 articles and/or books that the student deems significant and useful as a postgraduate student and a language professional. The bibliography must be in APA format. It will not be annotated, but will be accompanied by a cover note of no more than 500 words that explains the overall rationale for the bibliography choices and organization. When compiling this selection, the student should consider the following questions: (1) Which articles and books have contributed most to your learning and professional development? (2) Which articles and books best reflect your knowledge of the field at the end of your course? (3) In terms of professional development which articles do you feel constitute a valuable professional resource?

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