History and Future of Information in Indonesian Politics

  1. Main questions:
  2. What are/have been the important consequences/effects of TV and newspaper (traditional forms of media) versus internet-based media (social media, online news, Youtube, etc) for information and communication in Indonesian politics from 1960s to 2000s? All mentioned forms of media should be analysed not only one of them as long as the resources permit, I am sure that you can because all of them even more than them have been analysed within the main resources.
  3. Why and how/in what ways all of these forms of media have changed society and culture in Indonesia within Indonesians’ culture of voting in presidential elections in 2000s? Their influence should be analysed in clear manner and respective with the title of the sections. (I will give frameworks (and needed explanations) in the end of this instructions that should be followed with fair level of modifications from you, however do not get out of the given frameworks)
  4. Limitations:
  5. What: the keywords are Indonesia, traditional media (TV and newspaper), Internet (social media, online news, Youtube, etc), information and communication, change within society (Indonesian people) and its culture in a particular issue (voting in presidential elections in 2000s).
  6. When: authoritarian era and reform era, roughly from 1960s until 2000s (later mainly analysing about the Jokowi/Joko Widodo’s era in 2000s [2012-2014]).
  7. Where: Indonesia (national level) due to the issue of presidential elections in 2000s.
  8. Why and How questions will be collaborated within the suggested frameworks.

Other limitations based on the words like democracy, etc can be looked in the summary of the story and suggested frameworks sections

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