Curriculum programing: a personal philosophy. The discourse of image of the child.

This assignment requires you to demonstrate your critical thinking about early childhood curriculum and pedagogy from a personal and a professional position. This task builds on Assessment task 1 and requires you to develop a comprehensive professional development action plan related to the curriculum issue you have identified.

This assignment consists of two major parts:
Part 1: 1125-1250 words
Briefly explain your personal philosophy of teaching. Discuss links between your teaching philosophy and the issue you identified in assignment 1. Consider using the following 3 sub-headings below as a guide to organise your writing.

• Your life history (300 words)
This sub-section is about your life history, e.g. age, nationality, form of schooling experience, socio-cultural influences (if you think that might matter) etc. The idea is to show that you come to this task with a personal history and that personal history impacts either positively or negatively on your personal teaching philosophy today. Write in first person, using phrases such as ‘I think’, and ‘in my experience’ etc.

• Your professional history (400 words)
This sub-section is about your professional history. You might talk about what attracted you to teaching, major influences on your thinking about teaching-including theories, your teaching experience and positions you’ve held. If you are not currently teaching, you can still talk about your motivation for being a teacher and the sort of positions you plan to hold.

• Personal practice, personal goals, personal ambition (400 words)
This sub-section is about personal practice, personal goals, personal ambition and how these link with your selected issue. This is an opportunity for you to discuss your professional teacher/educator goals and to consider your professional development path for the future. Be sure to make links with the issue you identified in Assignment 1.

Part 2: 1125-1250 words
Professional development action plan
Part 2 focuses on your professional development plan. This section outlines a well-researched, coherent, and practical professional development plan for addressing the issue you have identified in Assignment 1. There is no expectation that this plan with ‘fix’ or ‘resolve’ the issue you have identified. Rather, the intent is that your plan will outline a comprehensive well thought out future path for your professional development and practice in this area.

Consider the following sub-headings to structure your plan:

• Context:
o A short description of the educational context where you are teaching now or plan to teach in (must be in the birth to 8 years of age range). For example, you can talk about the age group, the type of setting, the community context, etc. Be succinct and brief.
• Issue and key concepts:
o A brief overview of the issue, its relevance to curriculum and pedagogy in ECEC, the aim of your professional development plan and why you have chosen his particular way forward.
• Professional development action plan:

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