Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Read over the selection, “Get a Knife, Get a Dog, But Get Rid of Guns” carefully. Then answer the questions below in a well-developed essay.

1. How does the author use logos? How does their use of facts, statistics, expert opinion, etc. strengthen or weaken their argument?

2. How does the author use pathos? What specific values, emotions or desires do they appeal to in their argument?

3. How does the author use ethos? What makes the author credible or not?

4. How does the author use language? Do they incorporate loaded terms or employ the positive/negative connotations of words to make their argument?

5. In the essay, cite specific examples from the chosen text to illustrate the answers to the questions asked. Be sure to explain how the examples answer the questions asked.

6. All the questions should be addressed in a single essay, not separately

8. Avoid summarizing. Assume readers have read the text being analyzed. Focus on explaining how examples cited from the selection answer the questions asked.

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