Business Law Assignment


You have now opened the 3 salons and they have been operating for 3 months. Monica, Rachel and Phoebe are managing the salons and there is a total of 10 permanent staff members.

You have had a few issues with Phoebe’s salon
Two full time beauticians – Mary and Kate
Casual beautician – Ursula – She is Phoebe’s identical twin sister

2.1 Mary – Full time beautician

Mary has upset a customer by using the wrong product and the customer had a rash all over her. You had advised Mary that she should not use this product but she is a rep for it and thinks it is great. You agree with Monica and Rachel that you want to terminate Mary’s employment.

Can you terminate her employment without any consequences? 2.2 Kate – Full time beautician

Kate keeps turning up to work dressed in black (Goth clothing), with an increasing number of tattoos and piercings. You do not feel this is appropriate and want her to stop wearing Goth clothing and remove some of the earrings on her face.

Can you tell Kate what to wear to work?


Monica and Rachel attend the “Beauty and Hair Convention” at the Adelaide Convention Centre. They have a stand to promote their “Friends Moisturiser”. They have a banner with “Friends Essential Beauty” behind the table. The Convention is to last three days Saturday/Sunday and Monday. On the stand next to you are Ross and Joey who are manning a marketing stand promoting

neon signs for salons. During the convention Phoebe and Ursula have visited the stand a number of times and covered the lunch breaks on Saturday and Sunday. Ursula is going to manage the stand on the Monday.

On the Monday Ursula is managing the stand and gets into conversation with Joey. Joey says to Ursula “I have a great business deal for you. I know you have all set up “Friends Essential Beauty” and I think we can do a deal on three neon signs”. “You can buy three signs for $30,000, a saving of $15,000.” Ursula thinks it is a great idea and rings Phoebe who also agrees with her. Ursula tells Joey we would love to buy them. Ursula and Joey sign an agreement for $30,000 to be paid when Joey delivers the signs the next weekend. Under Ursula’s signature are the words “Phoebe Boufatt, Manager of Friends Essential Beauty. Ursula does not point out the error.

The next day Phoebe meets with you, Monica and Rachel and tells you of the agreement to purchase the neon signs. Monica and Rachel are very upset and state that Phoebe nor Ursula had no authority to purchase something that expensive. “We cannot afford it,” they tell her. You all agree you will not pay for the signs.

Using relevant legal principles, explain who is liable for the payment of the signs – is it Friends Essential Beauty, Phoebe or Ursula?

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