Supply Chain Management for a clothing retail business.

Working across Australia, with almost 17 branches, Business is facing problem with distribution of items in branches. Items/ products are always running out in those branches where the demand is more, while same product remain available in other branches where is no demand. Apparently problem looks is supply chain and stock distribution across the branches. Proposal is made, we want model an inventory management system that will work in all branches and in central warehouse to control and make the supply most effective, the stock ordering and distribution will be done through central warehouse.
1. Just consider it as whole project, please review the project proposal to make it better and work on the problem mention for this business.
2. Model a prototype Inventory Management system Using Mahra/ Visio/ an other tool and mention it the project and let me know as well
3. Project must show a prototype Inventory Management system screen shots and send me website file separate.
4. Work break down structure in Microsoft project file must be attached and screen shots must be inserted in the project.
5. Cost estimation should be real
6. Business name is ” ICE Design” and website is given below you must have update me in every two days about the progress, than i can get you feed back from lecturer. Send me the first draft on Monday. If you need more information please ask me, its very important project for us and make sure reference everything.

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