Qualitative Report

Methodology and associated topic areas:
1. Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis: Health
2. Discursive Psychology: Emotion
3. Foucault Discourse Analysis: Gender

The work for the qualitative report will entail:

1. Selecting one qualitative methodology and associated area of individual differences from those introduced in the module.
2. Conducting an initial search of the literature in the chosen area of individual differences to inform the development of a research question/aim.
3. Analyzing the data provided using the selected methodology.
4. Writing a report consisting of the following:
a. Informative title
b. Structured abstract
c. Focused introduction outlining research in the area of individual differences you have chosen to focus on and a clear rationale for the study informed by previous research. A clearly stated and appropriately worded research question.
d. Methods section outlining your design, participants/data set, procedure, ethical considerations and data analysis (including philosophical underpinning)
e. Analysis section to include all data analysis including links back to the literature
f. Brief conclusion summarizing the analysis and discussing the literature from the introduction in the light of the analysis

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