NYU health policy and Management

In this paper, you’ll be examining geographic variation primarily using two public use data sets, available on two different interactive websites. You need to complete two tables, and write up the findings for each table.Data for the first table can be found at countyhealthrankings.org,

except for whether the state was a Medicaid expansion state under the Affordable Care Act, which can be found by exploring the Commonwealth Foundation’s website.The data for the second table can be found using the dartmouthatlas.org website. Both completed tables should be included in the submitted assignment. You must select 2 of the following states to complete both tables: Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, New Mexico, New York, Texas. The paper will be completed in your previously assigned groups.


States and localities across the United States vary in population characteristics, health care needs, health care supply, medical practice and health care outcomes. In this paper, your group will explore some publicly available data regarding these factors, and make comparisons across states and to some extent, within states or over time. Your group needs to write 3 sections summarizing what the first table shows. For each state separately, summarize the data. In summarizing the data, note the types of indicators (those are the headings in the first column in bold) and look to see if the patterns within states are consistent. Where appropriate, discuss both the averages and the ranges for the variables, because the ranges illustrate within-state variation. Think about what the magnitude of the range may mean. After you have summarized each state, make comparisons across them.Finally, discussthe group’s ideas about the interpretation of the data, and make some observations regarding across-state variation.  Look across the two states and consider how they vary. Think a bit about the descriptions of these measures. What story do these data tell about these states, and across them? Make use of insights from your reading. You’ll also need to think about the description of the measures in writing up your results. As you move through the table and the websites, you can add additional indicators (from the website) to the table if you wish.

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