Maths Impractice Assignment

You will be finding, selecting and analysing two teaching resources, and creating a learning experience utilising each one.

ULO2 – Create processes, experiences and teaching strategies that develop mathematical thinking in children.
ULO3 – Investigate and analyse pedagogical approaches in mathematics and numeracy appropriate to the content area and level of the children they teach.

Assessment details
•Choose two areas of early mathematical thinking you wish to focus on (from Bishop’s – counting, measuring, locating and designing).
•Choose an age range of children you wish to work with, ?early childhood age group (0-5yrs) or
?lower primary age group (5-8yrs).

Select two resources that are creative and engaging, one for each of your chosen areas of mathematical thinking.

Complete the following for both resources including:
•Name and evidence of resource
•Age group
•Bishop category
•A rationale that:
?includes support from the content/information presented in Chapters 1-7 (of eText) that describes and reflects upon your chosen teaching strategy (Week 5 and 6 content) that you would use when using this resource with children resource to extend children’s mathematical understandings (relate this to Module 1 and 2)
?makes links to its relevance to either the Early Years Learning Framework or Australian Curriculum.

Present the resources as authentic and professional resources that could be used as evidence to extend and support children’s mathematical skills, strategies and understandings.

Submit your teaching resources as a Word document.

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