Clinical reasoning Report

All detailed descriptions attached in my files including the patient scenario and reading lists and will provide more books if you require for more references. Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Main points are listed below just in case you don’t get the file.
* Report on patient assessment based on the vital signs taken from the patient.
* Use cues at information provided in the patient scenario only. Do not make up cues like has dementia otherwise the cues provided is not fully understood.
* Paper should be logically presented in accordance with reasoning cycle in line with assignment question and Rubric. You may have ideas to address the question.
* Re: criterion ‘Demonstrate an understanding of the assessment findings and patient’s condition in relation to the principles of anatomy and physiology’. Focus on the anatomy and physiology that have been covered in the lectures such as Homeostasis, Temperature/Blood pressure regulation, body fluids, cells and tissues, organs etc.

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