Argumentative Essay

Being able to conduct academic research and integrate the results of this with your own ideas on issues is an essential skill at university. This task will develop your researching and academic writing skills through an argumentative essay paragraph and require you to use the Harvard Referencing style.
An argumentative essay should persuade the reader to a particular point of view on the strength of the reasons presented. It should show a clear line of reasoning based on sound academic evidence and support of the point of view expressed in the thesis statement.
Select an essay question from the range provided and write:
• a thesis statement identifying your position on the chosen topic
o your position may either be ‘for’ or ‘against’ the question
• a body paragraph supporting your thesis statement
o three academic reference sources [2 x journal articles and 1 x book/eBook] are required to support your position and develop your arguments
o the paragraph should contain one direct quotation and a minimum of two paraphrases from the research materials, in-text referenced in the Harvard style
• a reference list written in the Harvard style
Question 1: Peer review and feedback of course material is a valuable tool for enhancing academic outcomes for students in higher education.
Question 2: Class attendance is a major contributor to successful academic outcomes for students in higher education.
Question 3: Used within higher education lecture and tutorial sessions, technology-based equipment such as laptops and mobile phones have a negative impact on students’ ability to maintain focus and assimilate the course content into long term memory.

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