Analytical Augustine’s Confessions Research

CITATION AS FOOTNOTES: Since this is a research paper, the student would do well to demonstrate their efforts in research through placing themselves in conversation with a number of scholarly sources. In general, one would do well to have 3-4 footnotes per page of writing. Students are expected to cite their sources by following the Chicago Manual of Style. In addition to the footnotes, students need to provide a bibliography at the end of the research paper. Please reference the following website for an introduction to the Chicago Manual of Style See: If you have any questions regarding the Chicago Manual of Style after consulting the above hyperlink, please do reach out to the professor

At the very first citation of the Confessions, provide the full bibliographic data as follows: Augustine, Confessions Book#[Roman Numeral].Chapter#. Paragraph#, tr. Translator Name (Place: Publisher, Date), pg#. Example of first citation (Please consult your copy to get the proper bibliographic information): Augustine, Confessions I.2.5, tr. Henry Chadwick (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010), 22. After the first citation, every other citation of the Confessions should be in abbreviated form as follows: Augustine, Conf. Book#.Chapter#. Paragraph#, pg#.

SECONDARY SOURCE DOCUMENTS | RESEARCH MATTERS: In order to meet the minimum acceptable requirements for the research paper, students must constructively employ at minimum three to five secondary sources in collaboration with their analysis Augustine’s Confessions. The additional secondary sources should enrich and deepen your analysis of the Confessions. The student should place their reading the Confessions in conversation with the secondary source(s).

The secondary sources should meet academic standards, meaning refereed articles from academic journals, book chapters from edited volumes, academic encyclopedias/dictionaries or monographs authored by specialists within the field.
1- Introduction and CLEAR Thesis
2- Analytical Engagement of Primary and Secondary Sources:
3- Structure and Coherence of the Paper:
4- Style & Felicity of Expression:
5- Grammar, Mechanics and Citation

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