Analysis on The Passion of the Christ Assignment

Final Project Analysis. Two things tend to be misunderstood…1) What defines a Christian? and 2) What defines a masterpiece? For the purposes of this assignment you will need to find a Christian artist that has a documented statement professing his/her personal faith in Jesus Christ/God. You need to understand that a work of art that is created from a biblical account does NOT satisfy the requirement for an artist to be a Christian. Many artists where commissioned for the church to create works in the great cathedrals – much like a job, and more a livelyhood than a passionate faith in Christ. Creating works of art that represent the Bible does not make someone a Christian. A good example is Leonardo Da Vinci – he was not a professing Christian. It’s much the same thinking that if I were standing in a barn would make me a farm animal. If you can not find historical evidence of an artist believing in our one true God, then you will need to keep looking!
Secondly…what is a masterpiece? A masterpiece is a work of art that represents the peak of an artist’s career. Usually, we talk about a masterpiece as being a work of art that has stood the test of time; therefore, it is very difficult to pinpoint a living artist’s masterpiece. Perhaps their greatest work has yet not been created. As a general rule of thumb a masterpiece is at least 50 years old. The exceptions to this would be cinema or comtemporary fine art just because the genres themselves have not been around as long as the others. I would caution at least a minimum of a 10 year old work of art.
Also very important to note…you may only choose Christian artists/masterpiece in an area of fine art that we have discussed for the term of GENE 200. This includes: photography, painting, sculpture, architecture, music, theater, cinema, and dance. Limit yourself to one masterpiece instead of a collection of works.

Please do an analysis on The Passion of the Christ
Mel Gibson – “The Passion of the Christ” or check out J. Arthur Rank, film producer/cinema

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