Volunteer Army Assignment

Argumentative paper format for “A Problem of Justice”
1. Introduction (1 page max, can begin with example)
Identifies question/poses problem, e.g. case study such as the proposed laws considered in discussion of libertarianism or egalitarian liberalism, the case studies examined in relation to utilitarianism, help to the needy, the topics addressed in relation to justice and the market, esp. surrogate motherhood and the volunteer army, the different topics relating to discrimination and affirmative action and economic life, the question of euthanasia. Presents basic argument. Summary of opposing views, position you will argue for.
2. Criticaldiscussion,proandconoftheconflictinganswers/argumentstotheproblem you will consider. (2 1?2 -3 pages).
Here you need to address the relevant concepts, theories, and especially arguments for and against the alternative views on the problem you are considering, including both arguments for and against your own solution, and the facts and concepts you take up. Utilize any ‘evidence’ in the sense of relevant data or points made by specific authors considered in class, and any materials you wish (but reference those if they are not from the readings, otherwise you can say, e.g. see Sandel p. 75 or see Singer p. 3).
3. Conclusion.Hereyousummarizeyourchiefreasonsforsidingwiththeonepointof view and opposing the other (1/2 to 1 p)
Remember: In a philosophy paper, you want to develop the strongest arguments you can for each side, before you resolve the problem—avoid simply picking the strongest arguments for your side (a “straw man” argument). Then explain why the reasons on your side are better, and how you deal with objections against your view.

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