Sussex XYG WU Management of risk Assignment

Do not sign the same writer with before Sussex school paper . Do not have similar paper The requirement of the essay was in my file. Please read the handbook and assignment brief carefully and write the essay according to my lecture ppt. You should use all the journal I gave for my reference list. Besides them, you can also use other related resource as well. 832N1 Management of Risk Essay Assignment As we have discussed in the module, risk and its management is a multifaceted topic that must be addressed by all organisations in a variety of ways. As such, your paper will allow you to demonstrate a deeper level of understanding of an area of your choice. Therefore you should choose one of the following: 1) Identify an organisation and discuss how it identifies, addresses and manages risks (on a scale of your choice) over a period of time in which the risks facing the organisation are changing. Critically discuss the organisation’s risk management processes and make recommendations for improvement. 2) Identify a project, successful or not, and discuss how project risk and uncertainty was managed by the major stakeholders. Critically discuss the tools and techniques used in the project and reflect on their suitability, particularly with reference to issues of coordination of stakeholders. 3) Choose an incident in which existing risk management measures did not prevent a failure. Analyse and critically discuss what went wrong, what alternate measures might have been used, linking your discussion to the literature on accidents. 4) Choose a contested technology and discuss how different conceptions of risk (i.e. probabilistic, psychometric, cultural etc) have shaped the public debate about adoption and diffusion of the technology. It is expected that each paper will show excellent research and analysis skills. You are strongly advised to discuss your choice of topic with the convenor or your tutor early in the term. Each paper should be 3000 words (+/- 10%). It should have citations following the Harvard referencing format. We are serious about plagiarism and scripts found to be engaging in academic misconduct will be reported.

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